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Roderick Macdonald

Teaching experience: 30 years in Thailand, in schools, offices, factories, private homes, in own office, etc.

Roderick Macdonald



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General Information & Contact

Demographic: British, Male, 67 years old
Contact email:
Contact phone: 081-934-5526
Native language: English
Other languages: Thai (Speaking: Fluent, Literacy: Intermediate)

Employment history

  • Self-employed

    Self-employed - Bangkok, Thailand
    Dec 1975 to present

    Teacher, writer, businessman.


Educational qualifications

  • BA (1975)

    English Literature, History
    University - Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Personal Statement

Subjects taught: Business English, conversational
English, English grammar, personal and business correspondence,writing,etc.


Other Skills and Hobbies

Writing novels, short stories, poetry, songs and musicals.


Employment Requirements

Desired position: Teacher
Availability: Available now
Wants to work in: Thailand
Requested salary: Unspecified

Prefer teaching adults.



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